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Downloads Latest stable version of HomeBank is 5. Source code Source code is also available within the Launchpad repository. Available since OS Available since feisty 7. Available since debian lenny 5.

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Available since Suse Available since FC6. Put another way: for the amount of money you'd pay for a single-machine license for Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, you could install Mac OS X Lion and its server tools on 20 machines and still have 60 bucks left over. If you're like us and you think Lion doesn't need the server tools to be on parity with Windows 7 Ultimate, you could install Lion on 70 machines and buy yourself a six-pack for the same price as one Windows 7 Ultimate license. But Lion's incredibly low cost compared to that of Windows merely demonstrates what we've known all along: Apple is at its heart a hardware company.

It makes money off of its hardware, but the only purpose of the software is to make the hardware sing. Mac OS X? Microsoft, on the other hand, is primarily a software company dependent on hardware makers to run its software.

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XBox and some minor pilot projects aside, Microsoft makes an overwhelming majority of its money off licenses of Windows and Office editions. With that in mind, it's little wonder that Microsoft's software costs so much more From there, fire up your iPhone or iPad and send over some photos or movies note that music isn't supported yet. The Digital Lifestyle has posted a hands-on with the setup, noting, "I was impressed how quickly video playback started, within seconds of selecting Windows Media Center Airplay option my Media Center PC was playing the video and without leaving Media Center at all.

The personalized recommendation engine collected data from its users to paint a picture of the average Mac and PC person, and at least a good portion of the results are pretty much in keeping with prevailing stereotypes.

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Some key highlights:. Changes to its licensing may lead Samba, an open source suite of tools for networking with Windows systems, to be chopped from Mac OS X Lion , according to a report from AppleInsider. Instead, Apple will develop its own solutions for interacting with neighboring Windows systems over a network. Samba's primary goal is to improve interoperability between PCs with Microsoft Windows and computers running other operating systems. As Mac OS X adopted more of Samba's tools, the team behind Samba gradually transformed the open source licensing for its software.

Although Samba has been voted off Lion island, it's unlikely Apple will entirely drop support for Windows networking technologies.

Apple is reportedly hard at work building a new suite of built-in tools that will allow Mac OS X Lion to continue dancing with Windows networks. Unlike Samba, however, Lion's networking tools will likely end support for NT domains, networking technology introduced by Microsoft in the late s.


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Although some networks still rely on NT Domain Controller configurations, even Microsoft ended support for the aging technology with Windows 7. On the bright side, Apple will no longer by trapped by the limitations of Samba. Apple now has the opportunity to address this shortcoming and perhaps introduce its own innovative improvements to networking between future versions of Mac OS X and Windows.

For now, it's possible and likely the first version of Apple's tools for integrating with Windows networking technologies will face a few initial setbacks and limitations. In this event, Samba can potentially still be added to Mac OS X Lion by tech-savvy Mac users who can survive without a simple installer, graphical user interface and tight integration with the rest of Apple's software. Or Mac users who need Samba's toolset can hope an enterprising developer builds a compelling, easy-to-use Samba package before Mac OS X Lion ships this summer.

Firefox 4's newly announced release candidate status indicates its features are finalized and, unless its developers uncover bugs of mass destruction, this version will likely become the official release.

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According to Mozilla, the millions of users currently beta testing Firefox 4 will be automatically updated to release candidate 1, featuring a series of stability, compatibility, and performance improvements. Since the first beta became available last summer, the development team has fixed over 8, bugs in Firefox 4.

Firefox 4 is Mozilla's latest entry into the increasingly competitive web browser market. The unveiling of Firefox 4 Release Candidate coincides with the release of Google's Chrome 10 and comes as Microsoft prepares to officially release its much improved Internet Explorer 9 on March All three browsers feature better support for the latest web standards and massive performance enhancements.

Mozilla executives don't anticipate seeing any show-stopping bugs or needing a second release candidate; they expect to officially release Firefox 4 later this month. Continue reading Mozilla publishes Firefox 4 Release Candidate. Apple has released an update to its Safari web browser. The 5. The Safari 5. Mac OS X The update is currently live in Software update and should be live on Apple's Safari page soon.

Apple updates Safari to 5. This week, Julie writes in about being a new Mac user having come from the Windows world. She wants to know what kind of maintenance she needs to run to keep her Mac working.

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Concernant l'acquisition graphique, elle peut se faire d'un scanner ou d'un APN. L'interface reprend l'agencement de Photoshop, avec la gestion des calques et des scripts de ce dernier ainsi que de Gimp. INI sauvegarde les changements. Plus besoin d'installer Adobe Reader. L'interface est claire et simple.

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