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McDonald's McDonald's Restaurants v. McDonald's Corp. Categories : McDonald's foods Products introduced in Hidden categories: Wikipedia pages semi-protected from banned users. There is nothing quite as depressing as a McDonald's menu with the calories written on it. I don't believe calories on the menu is a requirement in my home state of Georgia, or if it is they only do it inside the store, and why venture out from the relative safety of my car?

In California, however, the numbers are there for all to see. It's terrifying, really. My current diet allows me 1, calories a day.

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What is McDonald’s wrap of the day, how many calories are in them and how much do they cost?

If I keep the sandwich conservative, that's a single super-sized McDonald's meal. That's a whole bunch of food for just one meal. But at the end of the day during E3 I would slip into McDonald's and order the one thing on the menu that doesn't make my heart skip a beat both literally and figuratively: the Snack Wrap. At a mere calories per serving in grilled chicken form with honey mustard or barbeque; ranch is a little more , I can eat three of these babies and still have room for ten pouches of Wal-Mart-brand fruit snacks.

Go me. What's there to develop?

Take edible things, wrap them in a tortilla. It's not actually quite that easy.

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Bread, real bread the sort used to create a sun, is a sponge with a tendency to suck up flavor density. In traditional sandwich construction cooks rely on that all-important quality to ensure that normally over-powering flavors are sufficiently muted when slipped between two slices of bread. Too much flavor and texture in a wrap can be disastrous.

Here's a fun way to test this at home. Take two tablespoons of peanut butter, a tablespoon and a half of grape jelly, and slather them on a small tortilla. Carefully roll it into wrap form. Now toss it out the nearest window. That feeling of relief? Completely warranted. What McDonald's snack scientists and the lady at the drive-thru window present as healthier alternatives is a mixed bag. Some, like the grilled honey mustard Snack Wrap, eat as if they were delicately balanced for taste, texture and overall enjoyment. Others, like the Angus mushroom and Swiss, seems to have been rolled up with no regards to aesthetics or edibility.

It is not sufficient to merely wrap; how you wrap is of tantamount importance. It's the difference between a highly portable food product worthy of the word "Snack" and a soaked paper wrapper filled with mildly flavorful refuse. I understand McDonald's employs workers that aren't exactly striving for perfection, but the complete lack of pride in the crafting of the four Snack Wraps I reviewed is disheartening.

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  8. Look kids, this is simplicity itself. Fold over the right side, pulling it back to contain the food in its own special compartment. Fold up the bottom quarter and roll. It the tortilla breaks or does not keep shape, you've got too much in your wrap. Quite frankly this is insulting, McDonald's. You were presumptuous enough to use the term "Snack" as part of the name of this product.

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    Adding "Wrap", at least in this case, is a lie. These are not wrapped. They are almost soft tacos. Get your people in line, Ronald. Each of the four Snack Wraps reviewed here incorporate the titular edible container, it's really what's inside that counts. A wrap containing grilled chicken and BBQ sauce is a completely different eating experience than one containing what McDonald's passes off as premium Angus beef, just as both of those are different than a wrap filled with ground glass and cat feces.

    And one of the former even tastes better than the latter.

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    The grilled chicken Snack Wrap is the sweet spot of the line. It contains grilled processed chicken product, one of the few meat substances that doesn't immediately dry out in the vicinity of a McDonald's employee.

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    Add lettuce, a little cheese and some sort of sauce, and you've got a relatively light snack that is as inoffensive as they come. The texture makes for as pleasing a bite as you're likely to get from mechanically rearranged chicken, and the lettuce makes it healthy.