Why doesnt airdrop work on my mac

From the Control Center, tap the AirDrop icon to enable the feature, if needed. If you opt to use the default or Contacts Only, only people in your contacts list will be allowed to send you an AirDrop request. Also make sure that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled. AirDrop relies on both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It uses Bluetooth to detect devices within a feet range and Wi-Fi to perform the actual data transfer.

Is Your Device Supported?

AirDrop devices must also be turned on and not on sleep mode. This means that the display is active.

The simplest possible solution to minor software errors and glitches including those affecting wireless functions of an iPhone is a soft reset or device restart. It effectively fixes rogue apps, data corruption, and other software-related issues that are suddenly emerging on your phone. Performing a soft reset on iOS devices is also a way of clearing memory cache and corrupted files from the internal memory without affecting any critical data saved on the internal storage.

Troubleshooting AirDrop On You Macbook

Allow your device to boot up completely then retry sharing files via AirDrop and see if it works now. It works by giving a quick restart and refresh to wireless radios and features including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Wait for your iPhone to re-establish Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, then retry using AirDrop to see if the problem is fixed. Do Not Disturb may disable AirDrop notifications from being delivered. Your device can also become undiscoverable but you still send information through AirDrop.

AirDrop problems can also be associated to random account issues particularly iCloud. To rule this out, try signing out of your iCloud account and then sign in again.


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Many people have found wonders from doing this trick so you may as well consider this an option. After signing back into your iCloud account, retry sharing files from your iPhone XR to any other compatible device nearby through AirDrop. If the file sharing is successful, then the problem is solved.

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Network-related errors are also among the things to rule out when dealing with AirDrop problems on an iPhone. Generally, random network issues are dealt with by performing a network reset on the phone.

Share Files with AirDrop in El Capitan

It works by clearing all network configurations and relevant settings including Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth connections, APNs, and the like. It allowed users to wirelessly transfer photos, videos, documents, etc. Airdrop uses Bluetooth 4. This proved to be a popular way for transfers among those who had supporting devices. However, for some people, Airdrop never seems to work, or they never find their other device for file transfers.

Still, do make sure your specific device is supported.

[SOLVED] AirDrop Not Working | Quickly & Easily.

As we mentioned before, Airdrop uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for file transfers. These work efficiently when the devices are close to each other a maximum of 30 feet apart , so make sure both of your devices are close by. You also need to make sure both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled on your devices. Similarly, on a Mac, if you have Bluetooth enabled in your top-right menu bar, you can toggle both Wi-Fi included by default and Bluetooth from there.

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Otherwise, follow these steps:. The last step to check is your Airdrop settings.

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It is possible that although you have the other device in your contacts list, the device is still not showing. Hopefully, by following these steps you will be able to fix any Airdrop issues you were having. If the device is still not showing up in Airdrop, try restarting both devices, which should be the ultimate fix. You've decided to leave a comment.