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How do I configure email on my Mac using Apple Mail? Browse by products and services. Additional steps for older versions of Apple Mail that were released prior to Sierra have been included. Requirements Before you start, be sure to have these handy: Your domain name: example. Your email password. Your email access domain. The email access domain is completely independent of the web access domain and will look something like this: xxxx-xxxx. The "xxxx-xxxx" string will be a series of randomized letters.

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This will be totally unique to your specific Grid. Read our article What is an "Access Domain"? Enter your email account information and click create. Full Name: Your name as you would like it to appear. Email Address: Your full email address. Password: The password for your email account.

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Mail will attempt to contact the mail server. The default search uses "autodiscover. The POP3 format downloads the emails from your server, so if they come into your company server, gmail removed them when it checks the mail.

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  5. You would need an IMAP in order to keep the emails on your sever. The closest you could get would be to remove the POP3 setup for Gmail and set up a forwarder from your company email to Gmail. Though with that setup, you would not be able to send email from Gmail as your company.

    Enable Gmail POP Access

    You would have to log into the company email to send them. However, I tried all the ports but I keep on receiving this error:. Authentication failed. I recommend verifying they are accurate and without misspellings. You can try logging in to gmail as a test. To send mail as one of your imported accounts, you can select the account when composing a message. Or, you can select that email as default under Accounts and Import.

    Do any of those work?

    This forces customers who use the GMAIL interface to manage their emails to use insecure methods to send email. Sorry for the problem with Gmail not accepting the self-signed certificate. This was a decision made by Google years ago that affected many hosting servers. You can purchase an SSL certificate specifically for email if you wish, but you would need to do it PER domain if you are trying to secure mail for all of your clients.

    The only other way to do this was through the self-signed certificate so that everyone using mail service on the server can use it. You can get around this by using webmail — which launches in secure mode by default. I am delete the pop3 account from gmail, and retun to use my webmail, but there are no items in my webmail inbox.

    How to move back my webmail inbox items from pop3 added gmail. My gmail accout still have my inbox emails of my webmail, please help me. This means that even if you discontinue the POP3 assignment to the server, those emails will remain in gmail unless you delete the account altogether in Gmail. Since you downloaded all of the INBOX emails into the gmail account, nothing will show in the Webmail of the same account until new emails are sent to it.

    The email account should still exist in cPanel and when you open emails in the webmail client. If you wish to handle the issue privately, then please contact our live technical support team. Could you please help me with that? Sorry for the problem with the login. It does work for us in testing. Please provide us more information and we can look into the matter further.

    If you want the matter handled privately, then please contact our live technical support team per the contact information at the bottom of the page. I bought new Huawei Mate 8 smart phone and have not been able to add my email accounts. Please, I need an assistant on to correct this error. You will need to use standard email settings. If you are certain that those are set and still not working, you may want to contact your carrier to check the software.

    We are unfamiliar with that phone, but have not seen any issues with phone email client software before. My work just our email server to google from microsoft outlook.

    Mac Mail setup with Imap and SMTP auth

    What would be causing this issue? That kind of problem is usually caused by a problem with the outgoing email server setting. Check your email client settings for the account. What is it using for its outgoing server? I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance, please let us know! I set it up with mail. Should I reconnect using the secure one?

    Gmail & Outlook Settings

    I just double-checked the instructions on my Gmail account and they still work for me. Are you using an email account setup in our hosting service? Remember that this email account would need to exist before you could set it up in Gmail. I keep having problems when it comes to the SMTP password.

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    This is an email that was set up through my office, these emails are bing forwarded to my gmail currently but I need to be able to send out emails from that address as well. When I ask the person who set up my email for the password she has no idea wha to do or how to find that info. We are not able to see any passwords.

    You can, however, have the cPanel manager change your password for the email account in the cPanel itself. Have you confirmed the username and password are correct for the connection? That seems to be what it thinks is wrong.