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Worst case, email us and we'll help you. How can I recover lost files after a failed iOS update. One of the most common causes for iPhone data loss is a failed iOS update. The steps in the first part of this guide will take you through pulling files from your iTunes backup. Depending on where the process went wrong, you may need to restore your phone from a backup before starting the update process again. Good luck -- and don't forget to reach out to our support team if you get stuck.

Do you ever wonder what iTunes backs up from your iPhone when you connect your phone to your computer? It would be nice to know whether it is safely backing up your important contacts, notes, photos, calendar, texts, and so on, wouldn't it? We've got a concise summary of just what is and isn't in an iTunes backup that we maintain in our knowledge-base.

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How to Downgrade to an Older Version of iOS on an iPhone or iPad

We once had a user write in after his backup had taken more than 36 hours. That's crazy -- and it led us to publish an article on how to speed up a slow iTunes backup. Can I get data from iPad backups and iPod Touch backups? Absolutely, yes! You'll see we tend to write about iPhone backups, but the format and functionality is exactly the same for iPad and iPod Touch backups.

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  • How to Restore a Previous Version of Your iTunes Library.
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Anything we describe for iPhone backups will also work for iTunes backups created for the iPad or iPod Touch. You certainly can. These are all shown under the "Info" tab of iPhone Backup Extractor. You can see IMEI, serial, and a range of other fields. You can read about all of that data in our explainer of the "Info" view.

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Is it possible to extract data from a very old iOS backup, like iOS 3? We painstakingly support backups from every version of iOS. We started back in , after our founder lost his data with an upgrade to iOS 2. If you get stuck on an older version, get in touch with us. Can I copy a Windows iTunes backup to a Mac, or vice versa?

Are iTunes backups portable? Yes, iTunes backups are created in the same format by Macs and Windows, and can be moved from one to another.

You can even put them in Dropbox or on a shared drive. How effective is iPhone data recovery with iPhone Backup Extractor? We benchmarked our recovery of deleted data against the leading forensics tools, and the results are impressive. Yes, you can get iTunes to back up over Wi-Fi. We've got instructions on how to do this here. Once you load it see step 1 above it'll automatically show all of your iTunes backups and let you browse them.

Can I restore a backup from one iOS version to another? Can you convert iTunes backup versions? It depends. You can't restore a backup from a newer version of iOS than a device is running. You can usually restore an older version, but it depends what has changed between versions. In some cases Apple make substantial changes between revisions to iOS, meaning that there's a big difference between iOS If you try that, it'll appear to work, and you'll get most of your data. We've got a detailed guide on techniques for restoring data like this to your iPhone. Aidan Fitzpatrick founded Reincubate in after building the world's first iPhone data recovery tool, iPhone Backup Extractor.

He's spoken at Google on entrepreneurship, and is a graduate of the Entrepreneurs' Organisation's Leadership Academy. Read our position on privacy, safety and security. Corrupted backups, too! I want make a update for my backup Extractor. Ron; you can get the latest version here. I am trying to extract the restrictions passcode I set on my son's Ipod under the restrictions I read a blog that said to extract the file from: Library, Preferences, com.

How to Reinstall, Uninstall or Downgrade iTunes on Mac OS

Would appreciate any help!! Hey Bridget, thanks for asking. We have a guide on how to do this. That should sort you out. The phone records I need are further back than one hundred in my back up. How do I get them. Adam, please reach out to us directly through the support page and we'll help! I just wanted to say thank you so much. I just downloaded your software on my old computer to recover precious lost voice messages from my old iPhone that were left for me by my grandmother who passed away. You have no idea how much this means to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We love hearing from users: why not drop us an email, leave a comment, or tweet reincubate? All rights reserved. We recommend 2FA. Built with in London. This is iPhone Backup Extractor, think of it as a "personal forensics" utility. It's pretty awesome. Jonathan Zdziarski. Learn about our APIs at reincubate. We use cookies to track usage and improve your experience. Call logs. App Data.


Everything else. A Windows PC or Mac. An iTunes backup. About the author Aidan Fitzpatrick founded Reincubate in after building the world's first iPhone data recovery tool, iPhone Backup Extractor. Compatibility iPhone Backup Extractor runs on any Mac Everything older, including iPad and iPod Touch. We started with iOS 1. Ready to test it with your iPhone? See what iPhone Backup Extractor can do for you. Download now or get it for macOS.

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