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How to Create a Histogram in Excel for Windows or Mac

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Tips – How to use Flash fill in Excel

This can be used to get nearly anything you can think of: names, phone numbers, dates, etc. I used to benefit from in-line formulas to concatenate two Excel columns into a third column. But using the new Excel Flash Fill feature, it is very easy to concatenate two cells without the requirement of the third column.

Let's work on a sample case. I have ID column with integer values stored.

So the simplest pattern that I expect Microsoft Excel flash fill engine to detect is concatenating a static text plus ID cell value. Let's see if Excel Flash Fill is genius enough to detect pattern I want it to apply automatically. Microsoft Excel will automatically fill that column values for you by concatenating text with ID column which is the pattert that Flash Fill detected.

A flash fill pointer will be displayed which enables Excel user to accept changes which is the default behavior.