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How to install Minecraft Mods for Mac ONLY (2018)

The creators of these modifications are players who want a feature in the official game. Resource packages , on the other hand, are images that replace the originals in Minecraft so that objects look different. Here there are some of the best Minecraft servers if you want to play mods without having to install them.

The images below are an example of what can be achieved with mods: The top image shows classic Minecraft without mods, while the bottom shows Minecraft with a graphic mod. The difference is amazing. But how do you install mods? After doing a bit of research, I found what appears to be the easiest system to install mods in Minecraft: Forge. Our Softonic Solutions users are talking about the best Mods and resource packs sites for Minecraft Forge.


Join the conversation now! Minecraft mods used to be installed manually: you had to open the original game files which are in minecraft. Minecraft Forge is an accessory that was added to Minecraft, making it possible to create and install all kinds of mods. Before doing anything, make a backup of your Minecraft worlds. A folder with sub-folders corresponding to your worlds will open. Download the latest version of Minecraft Forge. After downloading the file, double-click to open, and start the installation.

Leave the first option selected Install client and click OK. To verify that the installation was successful, open Minecraft, select the Forge profile, and launch the game. Finding mods can be tricky.

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You must be aware of possible viruses and scams. Three downloaded mods. Double click on Roaming and then on. When you open Minecraft again, Forge will check the folder, looking for any changes. Some mods require specific packages.

Time to play! Note that each mod has different controls and interfaces. One of the good things about Minecraft is the profiles. If the Forge profile is corrupted, you can easily create a new one.


There are endless places to download Minecraft mods. Of course, one of the best places is right here on Softonic in our Minecraft Mods section. Looking for even more mods? Here are a few additional Web sites with constantly-updated lists of the best available Minecraft mods for downloading.

Head here and download the version of Forge you need.

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Name it, then below click on the version drop down box and find the Forge you just installed. Now, you're free to enjoy any of the great, sadly outdated mods available for the game. Mods such as:.

Technic Pack : A huge bundle of mods that overhaul many aspects of the game to massively up the number of buildings and contraptions you can construct. Mo Creatures : Adds 32 new species to the game, including crocodiles, foxes, ogres and werewolves. Flans Mod : Fight them on the beaches, and in the forests and the mines and everywhere else with this pack full of World War 2 themed planes, vehicles and weapons.

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Thaumcraft : Boosts the enchantment system massively with a bunch of powerful spells that can be added to weapons and items. Unbelievable Shaders : Gorgeous lighting effects and texture rendering tweaks to make Minecraft feel more alive than ever.

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Water Shader : Gives water a moving, reflective surface to - shock of shocks - make it actually look and behave like water. Find dozens more in our roundup of the best Minecraft mods. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.